Female logic is extremely hard to understand. No wonder it’s so difficult to imagine what makes the perfect man who can win a woman’s heart. The fact remains that every real woman desires to marry a real man.

Being a real man is not cheap, It doesn't mean you sleep with 100 girls but means you fight for one girl even if 99 others are chasing you. There are prices you must pay for you to be a REAL MAN. So who is a real man?

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1. A real man is a man that fears God.

2. A real is a man is a man of purpose.

3. A real man knows how to make, save and invest money wisely.

4. A real man is focused.

5. A real man does not go about dating different girls and breaking their heart. He is not a player.

6. A real man wait for sex until his wedding night.

7. A real man is not a liar. He is faithful, loyal and honest

8. A real man is a reader.

9. A real man is not a trouble maker.

10. A real man is not proud and neither aarrogant.

11. He will marry his intending spouse without waiting too long.

12. A real man helps his woman to be a better person.

13. A real man takes care of his appearance.

14. He is a man of wisdom

15. A real man strives to be a role model.

16. A real man is a great leader.

17. A real man doesn’t gossip.

18. He is a man of prayer.

19. A real man is a man of godly character.

20. A real man loves children and will do anything for them.

21. A real man loves his woman, celebrate her in the public and he is not going to be ashamed to tell the world how much he loves her!

22. He is caring. He always calls his woman to find out how her day is going.

23. He remembers and celebrates his woman’s birthday.

24. He Surprises her with gifts, even when the occasion is not special.

25. He tells his woman regularly that he loves her.

26. He understands her even if nobody does and always makes her feel she is the best.

27. He never threatens to leave her or divorce her no matter
what happens. This means a Real Man Is A Generous Forgiver!

28. He feels his woman’s pain when she goes through hard times. He is there for her. Love is not proved when life is rosy and smooth but when things get rough! It is in your moment of trials that you know how genuine someone’s love for you is.

29. He loves to see her happy and rejoices with her.

30. He always creates quality time to spend with her woman.

31. He is kind. He will never physically or emotionally abuse her woman.

32. He forgives and forgets when she apologizes for hurting his feelings.

33. He will not use her weaknesses or secrets against her.

34. A real man shows gratitude. It is nearly impossible for him  to live a full life without expressing gratitude.

35. He is patient and willing to work on his relationship problems.

36. He knows that it is important for his woman to spend some time with her good friends and family members.

37. He will never cheat on his woman. A Real man stays faithful. He does not have time to look for other women, because he is too busy looking for new ways to love his own for the rest of his life. A man who loves his woman is faithful
to her no matter the pressure from other ladies.

38. A real man doesn’t make his woman jealous of others…..he makes others jealous of his lovely woman. He will not go out of his way to make his woman jealous.

39. A real man has spiritual mentors and is submissive to godly leaders and counsel.

40. He will always respect his woman in the presence of his
friends and family members.

41. He helps her with chores around the house.

42. He enjoys the company of her family and friends.

43. He supports her dreams and ambitions.

44. He never puts his woman down when talking to her.

45. He cares a great deal about her thoughts, feelings and opinions.

46. He is always available to help when she needs him.

47. He knows that his way is not the only way. He respects her suggestion.

48. He is not proud to say “I’m Sorry’ if that is what will save the relationship because he loves her woman! Love is not proud!

49. A real man is not stingy.

50. A real man brings his woman closer to God! And A Real Woman Never Takes His Love For Granted Because Such A Man Is Rare To Find!

That’s what a real man does. However, do you think men with this qualities still do exist?? I would love to see your Opinion in the Comment box below..

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