11 Top Powerful Secret To Build A Great Marriage

11 Top Powerful Secret To Build A Great Marriage

Many great couples avoid divorce because they got some good advice and have put them to practice when their marriage started having serious trouble. Successful couples are savvy. They involve themselves in reading books, attending seminars, browsing Web articles and also to even observing other successful couples. However, successful couples will tell you that they also learn by trail and error to gain more experience.

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In the first few years of any relationship, you and your partner  feel positively high for each other because your brains are bathed with a heady cocktail of chemicals. And you can’t imagine ever feeling differently. Those couples that has spent more years being in a relationship who sit silently staring at each other at restaurants? That will never be you two. Those friends you know going through an acrimonious divorce? No way you’ll ever find yourself in their shoes. You guys are different, you ain't like them in anyway. Your relationship is surely above average. You’re ready to beat the odds in every way.

Then you get married and several more years go by. You begin to argue more and make love to each other a lot less. You don’t feel as close, and sometimes you do stare at each other silently while digging into a Moons Over My Hammy. You’re not unhappy, per se, but you’re not really happy, either. The old spark seems to be gone,but you still feel like you want to take your marriage life to next level then this post is surely for you.

Here are 10 principles and secrets to build a great Marriage which have been gathered after observing  hundreds of couples:

1. Forgiveness


 This is one of the biggest problems couples have in out society today. They either don't know how to forgive or they choose to refuse to forgive. What you should know is that when you refuse to forgive your partner, you have placed a barrier between the two of you. Un-forgiveness leads to bitterness, and it usually doesn't even start with something huge.

Usually, a few things though small are left unforgiven, and resentment starts to buildup, and then a few more are then added to it, and eventually a mountain of unforgiveness has already being built between the husband and wife which definitely will make them feel miles apart.

This is absolutely one of the most vital key to any marriage.  It is the key reason why so many people go from relationship to relationship or even from marriage to marriage. Everything starts out great, but as soon as something happens or when someone is offended, the person who won't forgive shuts down and eventually moves on. And the truth of the matter is that none of us are perfect.

All of us will one way or the other also let our partner down eventually. So we must learn to forgive. Don't let small offenses build into a mountain of bitterness in your marriage. Learn the freedom and intimacy that only forgiveness can bring.

2. Learn How To Say " I'M SORRY"

This also goes closely along with forgiveness. There are many people in our surroundings today that are so proud that they can never and has never said that they are sorry. do you know how hard and frustrating it is to live with such a person that never admit that they are wrong in any way?

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Being able to take responsibility for your actions is a sign of being matured. It also makes it even much easier for the other person to be able to forgive you. The real fact is that we will all annoy our spouse at some point, and being able to say " I 'm sorry" will go as far as repairing any damage that has been done.

3. Turn Away From Lustful Images

Turn Away From Lustful Images

This is a very big one especially for husbands. Your wives do notice when you take a peek at an attractive woman or when you stare at lustful scenes on the television. One important thing that you as a husband can do to make your spouse feel valued is to turn away when a lustful image comes on the television or movie screen or to even turn the television off when it crosses the line.

By taking the active step of turning away from lustful things and activities,  it will make your spouse feel great and proud, which will in-fact send a signal that you are vigilant about protecting your marriage.

4.  Don't Make a Habit of Talking Badly About Your Spouse To Other

This one goes to the wives especially. It is a big one for them. There is always a tendency for women to get together and gossip about everything that is wrong with their husbands. Or it even becomes worst when a husband or wife does talk badly about their partner openly, where the other partner can hear it.

What it says to the other partner is that you have zero respect for that other person and that you do not value them a bit. So tackle your disagreements, differences and issues in private. Airing them in public or to your friends brings incredible damage to your marriage.

5. Put The Needs of Your Partner Ahead of Your Own

This goes completely counter to how most people in our society thinks. Most of the people nowadays just barge into marriage because of what they can get out of it. So when one of the partner starts feeling like they aren't getting what they actually wanted when they entered into the marriage at first, what happen? They get angry, they shut down or may just decide to leave.

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But what do we find in great and successful marriages?  What we find is that each partner puts the needs, desires and wants of the other person ahead of their own needs. When each person makes it their goal to serve the other, then the needs of both people gets met.

In fact, some of the most beautiful and most romantic stories in history and even in movies are about one spouse who is wiling to sacrifice everything for the good and betterment of the other spouse.

6. Be Willing to Learn From Each Other

The key is to see the other as a mirror and learn from the reflection how you can be a better person. When you feel upset, rather than blame your partner and point fingers, remain awake to what has yet to be healed in yourself.

7. Never Ever Threaten The Relationship

If you want to have a healthy relationship with your marriage partner, then you must never,ever,ever threaten the relationship. If you say something like "If you do that again, I'll start thinking about a divorce".... even if it is in jest...then you are taking a sledgehammer to your marriage.

Any statement that threatens your relationship is likely to cause incredible fear and panic in the mind of your partner even if you don't realize it. It sends them message that you are already thinking about leaving them and ending the relationship.

Instead, what you should do is to communicate to your spouse that you consider marriage to be for life, and that you are going to be committed to this relationship for life no matter what. That kind of commitment  will do much to strengthen a marriage.

8. Give Your Partner At Least One Compliment Everyday

Give Your Partner At Least One Compliment Everyday

There are some married people, particularly women, who go Years without hearing their spouse say something truly nice about them. Some married people who would do just about anything to hear some words of approval and compliment from the one they love.

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So take this tip and start giving your spouse at least one sincere compliment everyday. This also goes to wives complimenting their husbands also. By doing this, you will build up that other person up and help them to  become the person they are suppose to be.

9. Do All The Important Things Together

Nowadays in our society, we hear of married people,w ho attends important events alone without taking their spouse with them. And there are even some married couples taking "Separate Vacations". This is a Recipe for disaster.  Your partner is to be your best friend. Encourage that by also always doing all the important things together.

10. Pray Together Always Every Night

Some of you may find this one strange. But ask anyone that does it, it works wonders for marriage. You should know that there's unity in prayer and if you two pray everyday then that unity would be passed on to the strength of the marriage.

It is really very hard to stay angry and annoyed with each other or to have unresolved issues when you humble yourselves together in prayer each night before you go to bed. Trust me and just try it.

11. Always Say To Your Partner " I Love You" at Least Once Everyday

Life goes by so quickly. Take time to reaffirm your love everyday. Some couples are so out of practice that they don't say it at all anymore. They even will find it hard to remember the last time they in fact said the three words statement to their partners.

Never let it get old.  As each day goes by, tell your spouse that you love them. Life is too short not to.

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