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6 Hacks To Make Your Crush Like You Instantly

6 Hacks To Make Your Crush Like You Instantly

There's nothing like being in love, or at least thinking you're in love. I think I know the feeling. You have a crush, you are in love with them and you want to be with them, but you are too scared to say something.

Well in this post, I'm gonna make that easy for you. In this post, I am going to give you six easy crush hacks. This hacks are easy as they are hacks that you can do, that don't take a lot of effort, that can get your crush to instantly notice you and like you.

Let's hop into it.


Something you should know is that people find you more attractive when you are surrounded by other people. Following along to last if you can post pictures with your friends, out having a good time with other people on your feed, that way it's not just selfies of you.

Then if she sees you, instantly she's gonna find you more attractive because you are just gonna look like this popular, cool, chill, fun guy that she's gonna love to be around.


Chances are you have social media, which you can use to get your crush to notice you. If you wanna get her interest, you want to look as attractive as possible in your picture, And from experiences, a picture with a good, direct, sunlight can make any guy look sexy.

It brightens up your face, it gives you this natural beautiful glow, and it makes your teeth looks whiter. So in essence, you are gonna be giving off this handsome glow. And she's gonna be staring at for hours and stalking. That's a Win.


I f you have a lean body wear clothing that shows this off. This is the male equivalent of thirst-trapping. It easy, and it actually doesn't take too much style. Grab a great T-shirt that fits right, which by the way, little side note you guys went so hard there.

If you can't get your hands on a perfect T-shirts, then well a regular like from H&M also will do the job. All these shirts that contour your body do a great job of showing your lean physique and in return spark her interest.

Also, you can wear a bracelet or a watch to make your forearms look bigger, to make your arms look more vascular. When your arms have something that's tight around the wrist it tends to make your veins pop, make you look muscular, more vascular.


People in school, offices, public assemblies, across the world always rush to the back seats to sit there because they feel insecure and feel safer on the back. Well that fear of being noticed instantly reflects on your lack of confidence.

Break the norm, sit on the first row of your classroom. of your office, of that public assembly and show your extreme confidence. This will do two things. You are gonna work on that fear and overcome it and also your crush is gonna notice you and will be like damn the guy has liver.


One of all six, this one is going to take some confidence, but just grow them and give your crush a compliment. This is the easiest way to make them feel good about themselves and associate that good feeling with the person that gave them a compliment, which is you, which means that's good.

But I want to make it easier on you. You see, there's two types of compliment. There's the compliment you make out of people's choice, this is something that a person actively chose to do. Such as the style they chose, the shoes they chose, the hairstyle they had.

Then there's the second type of compliment that you make on a person's aspects that they really have no control about. Like their eyes, or their height, or their body shape, or how attractive they are. 

From personal experience the first type of  compliment tends to be more genuine, more memorable, and from the receiver side they tend to appreciate better, because the second type they have no control over it,  the first type you are basically saying you appreciate the choice they make and you acknowledge it. Which makes it easier on us, it's much easier to say wow " I like your shoes" then " man, you're super hot", you see.


A white smile is super attractive to yout crush, It shows a good personal hygiene. When somebody has a white smile, it shows that person that you take care of yourself, that you are healthy, and that you have good hygiene.

And think about it primitively back in the day the healthiest most hygienic males were the ones that produce the healthiest offspring, so subconsciously she's gonna want to mate with you. That's no joke, that's science from the institute of Olowu Blog, but it works.

Hope You guys enjoy this post, don't forget to drop your comment below.

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