8 Signs To Observe When A Guy Likes You

8 Signs To Observe When A Guy Likes You

       Hello Ladies, When Guys meet you for the first time, especially in a Romantic encounter, they know often times if they like you or not. The question is how do you know if they like you or how can you really tell if a guy likes you. It can be hard to tell if a guy likes you, but there are some sure-fire ways to distinguish feelings of attraction from say, whether or not you missed lunch (smiles).

   Normally, men takes the first step by asking the girl on a date. But what should a woman do if he's just too shy to ask you out? Maybe he wants to enter a relationship with you, but can you tell if he just won't say?
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Talking to him is the best option, but it is a challenging task for many women. You have to do something to find out for yourself if you might have a future together. Some girls are great at telling when a guy likes them. But a lot of girls have a hard time reading the signs. A boy might tease you or try to please you, but sometimes they send mixed signals.

Is the guy you like being arrogant and coy or ignoring you? Some boys are rude to disguise how they feel. Insecurity and confusion can muddy the waters and make it hard for a girl to tell where they stand.
Check out these signs. Most boys who like a girl will do at least one of these things, on purpose or unconsciously.
1. Secret Gazes:
8 Signs To Observe When A Guy Likes You

    One main reason why a guy will look at you is because he likes you! I know this is a legit sign cause I do it a lot, he would stare at you, either looking for a direct eye contact or when he notices that you've seen him he looks away, which means he likes you but shy of making eye contact and at the same time wants to make eye contact badly with you so he just stares at you like a stalker.

2. He Always Wants To Speak with You:

   There's nobody that doesn't want to talk to the person they like a lot. This implies that when a Guy has this behavior of always wanting to have a conversation with you, maybe for him just to hear your voice or for him to get closer to you to know you better with hopes of being more with you, then you should be very sure he likes you.

3. Preferential behavior towards you:

   If a guy is into you, he is going to start to act a little different around you. Take for instance a guy that normally acts like a jerk to all the girls suddenly becomes a totally different person around you, I mean he might be someone that loves annoying girls or making jest of any one he meets but when it comes to you he can't stand seeing you annoyed or sad so he does anything and everything to make you happy. It can also play out in terms of banter and jokes. If they’re constantly telling jokes or playfully teasing you, then they’re probably interested in you.

4.  Friends:

This is one of the major sign to observe if a guy truly likes you. Maybe one way or the other, he would have told his friends about you and if they're like my friends(silly idiots🌚) they'll definitely tease him whenever you're around and he'll just keep smiling or let's say blushing uncontrollably and begging them to keep quiet.

5. He Always Wants to Touch You:

If a guy likes you, he would always want to find a reason to touch you no matter how awkward it may look like, such as hugging you when they meet you,  touching your hand when you tell a funny joke or putting their arm around you like you’re their little sister.

Some guys just can't hide the way they feel. Even if they're shy or insecure, they might make excuses to sit next to you or just bump you by accident. Better still, does he push your hair out of your eyes? There's no way a guy would do this unless he's into you.

6. He Remembers Details:

This should also be classified as part of the major signs to telling if a guy likes you. Anytime you two have a conversation, and you notice that he always remembers if not everything but the important details of each conversation, then it shows that he pays complete attention to you and that he actively listened to you when you talked.

His thoughts and attention are directed at you. Only you, Unless, of course, he is at work or in the middle of a task that requires his attention. And this clearly states that he likes very much and also loves to listen to you.

7. He Always Want to Help : 

Does he offer you his coat, sweater or umbrella to protect you from the harshness of prevailing weather conditions, If yes then he likes you. He doesn’t want the weather to cause you problems to your beautiful and soft skin.

Suddenly he is gallant, like a knight in shining armor who wants to protect you from any harm, no matter how inconvenient it might be to him. Which is a sure sign he likes you.

8. He Compliments You : 

Compliments is a great way to find out if he likes you. He will compliment you even when you less expect it.

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