How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Thank God for the introduction of internet and technology in our present time, which now makes us connect hundred and even thousands of people worldwide. Gone are the days where hearing from your long-distance lover took months and necessitated a town crier or perhaps a horse or two just to say "hi" back. Long-distance relationships today is very much easy, with the use of Skype, email, texting, and Twitter e.t.c.

Love knows no distance. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  If you've ever been in a long-distance relationship, you know those sayings are pretty much bullsh*t.

That's because Long Distance Relationships are widely known to be the worst. Time-zone differences can make texting a nightmare, and Physical absence sucks. Plus, eventually you have to confront the fact that one of you will have to move to make the whole thing work.

To keep the distance from driving you apart, these set of tips I would provide here have been thoroughly searched  for. Use these tips here to make the relationship work no matter the distance and to make the whole affair less torturous.
1.  Get To Know Eachother

Normally, just like how people get into any relationship, you two should at least spend some time getting to know and understand each-other very  well. For example, when talking, take note of those things your partner enjoys the most( let's say like hobbies or day-to-day activities) and do a little research on it so you have something more to discuss.

And knowing each other's preference will also help when you want to exchange presents, because gift exchange is just another way to communicate your feelings to each other over the long distance.

2.  Avoid Talking Too Much

I don't mean here that talking to your partner often is wrong. It should actually be a priority but not your only priority. Do not overdose on talk-time. It is foolish to be overly Sticky and Possessive. You two don't really have to communicate 12 hours a day to keep the relationship going. Some may begin to reason that as to compensate for the distance, they need to do more calling and texting. This will certainly not make the relationship work out, and it might even make things worse. Soon you would get tired of Loving. You are only going to exhaust yourselves. It's more and really about teasing at the right moments and tugging at the right spot.

3. Being Honest and "Real" in your Communication

As communication is very important in keeping a long distance relationship, you must as well try as much as possible to make sure you are being honest and real when you communicate with your partner. In long distance relationship it's easier to hide your weakness, just make a good impression. Doing this will only make your distance relationship a strain in the neck. 
Unless you both value transparency and honesty more than making a good impression, you will have a much more difficult time figuring out whether you and your partner are a good fit for each other and whether the long distance relationship will work out or not.

4. Visit Each-other Regularly

Try to make time to visit each other as often as possible or as often as your schedule permits. You both need to see each other in person at every opportunity. Make a regular visiting schedule or at least make plans for the next visit as soon as each one is ending. Face-to-face communication is just as important as having relationship satisfaction, commitment, and trust.

Smooth out travel logistics so they don't get in the way of your time together. Know where to meet at the airport or train station. Learn to travel with one bag or leave basics at your partner's home to save time at the airport.

Meet away from home sometimes, too. Visit a place together that is new to both of you or choose a place that is halfway between both of you.

5. Have Something you Aim for in Mind

 “How long are we going to be apart?” “What about the future?” These are the questions you two need to ask yourselves. The truth is, no couple can be in a long distance relationship for forever. Eventually we all need to settle down.

People always say LDRs don’t work, but they can – as long as there is an end-game in mind. If you’re going to make it as as couple, you need something to work toward.

Without goals, you can’t go anywhere, but seeing the long-distance part as a process in a much larger project can keep you motivated to be together. So make a plan with each other. Do up a timeline, marking down the estimated times apart and times together, and draw an end goal.

6.  Believe in Your Relationship

There's nothing that one can't do in life if he/she believe it can come true. This also goes for Long term relationships. You much believe that the relationship can work,  You can't half-ass it and assume it's not going to work out — but that's a defeatist attitude and will get you nowhere.

"The alternative to this is that they are moving forward, but skeptical along the way. This is a common and unfortunate issues that haunts a lot of long distance relationships. The reality is this: if pre-existing skepticism exists, what would be otherwise minor issues become relationship show-stoppers."

7.  Build Trust

Trust is the fundamental building block of any relationship. It is vital, regardless of distance. Make sure you stay faithful and avoid temptation that will lead your relationship into crisis. If you do make a mistake, don't feel to big to quickly apologize and tell your partner the truth at all cases because lying would not benefit you. 

For example, if you put yourself in a temptation of going to the bar, lying about your whereabouts would benefit you personally, but will do a great harm to your relationship. It would only benefit your relationship if you were honest. The frequent use of email and online resources can help cultivate trust in romantic relationship go to this post for more ways you can build trust in your relationship.

8.  Give Names To Your Partner

Giving your partner a pet name is really cute, because they will be alerted and sure that your feelings for them is still burning in your heart. Example of pet names like "My Beauty Queen", "Honey bunny", "sweetie pie" e.t.c.  This helps to keeps the lovey-dovey going.

9. Know Your Partner Schedule

It’s very good and helpful to know  the time your partner would be busy and when he/she is free, so that you can drop a text or make a call at the right and appropriate time. You wouldn’t want to disturb your partner when he/she is in the middle of class or halfway through a business meeting. Know the small and big events that are taking place or will take place in each other’s life e.g. college mid-terms and exams, important business trips and meetings, job interviews and etc. This is especially essential when the both of you are living in different time zones.

10. Talk through doubts, Uncertainty, and Fear Together

Talk through doubts, uncertainty, and fear together. Explore the scary and difficult subjects along with the good. Consider this as a chance to explore your feelings together honestly. Recognizing your partner’s ups and downs while you are physically apart will make you more accepting and comfortable with their low points when you see each other in person.

It's understandable that you might only want to focus on the positive. But, you should let your partner know your low points. Both of you are human, and it’s ok to not always be happy.

11. Communicate Regularly

Greet each other “good morning” and “good night” every day — this is a must. On top of that, try to update your partner on your life and its happenings, however mundane some of the things may seem. To up the game, send each other pictures, audio clips and short videos from time to time. By putting in this kind of effort, you make the other person feel loved and attended to.

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