Monday, 13 August 2018

Hey Guys

Edozie Richard Blog

Hey, fam... it's been a minute! I know I have been so inconsistent with my posting and am here to apologize for that, I had a lot to deal with that blogging regularly was just impossible.

Am sure some of you guys will be like what is his excuse again, well I have been busy creating an app for my blog which isn't done yet plus my mom birthday was last week and other stupid things that were important to me that you probably won't care about.

To cut this long story short, am really sorry guys and just to thinking of how over the past two years, the audience this blog has been able to capture is very impressive and overwhelming to me I am happy and utterly grateful to you readers for giving this blog attention giving that there are a millions of entertainment blog online, but please I want to indulge all REB reader in commenting on the blog, it brings more life to the blog and gives room for interacting with other fellow readers and of course voice out your opinion on a matter, so please guys just try as much as possible to comment I mean it's can't be that hard since you can also comment with your Facebook account.

I love you all so much, and I pray by God's willing I would be able to serve you all well.

P.s: I can't remember when last I uploaded my pics on the blog.... am sure most of you guys forgot my face, so this is a gentle reminder of what I look like and who runs REB. *kisses

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