Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Rampaging horse breaks loose at count show injuring eight people

Rampaging horse breaks loose at count show injuring eight people

Eight people were injured today have been injured after a horse broke out of its enclosure at the Pembrokeshire County Show, scattering onlookers in a “rampage”, according to reports. The horse is believed to have kicked out after bolting into a crowd of people at a showground.

Police and Welsh Ambulance Services paramedics were called to the event, the BBC reported.

A Twitter account for the event said: “We can confirm that there has been an incident at the Pembrokeshire County Show today.

“We are currently working with all the emergency services who are dealing with the situation.

“Six casualties are being assessed by Welsh Ambulance Services.”

Eight people were hurt - with six said to be seriously injured needing emergency medial treatment at the Pembrokeshire County Show in Haverfordwest, West Wales.

Police and paramedics sealed off the walkway as casualties were left bloodied on the floor as an air ambulance arrived at the scene.

One witness said: 'An out-of-control horse jumped into the crowd from the horse area, several people are reported to have been injured as it galloped through the trade stands.

'The area has now been closed off, people being treated, and a vet is attending to the horse.'

Another visitor said: 'It's the one main areas where all the stands are.'

'The horse jumped out of the ring into that.

'The horse is also injured. People are walking away from there fast in shock.

'It's not what you expect to see at the show.'

More than 100,000 visitors attend the three day event which is the biggest county agricultural show in Wales.

A spokesman for the Pembrokeshire Agricultural Society said: 'We can confirm there has been an incident. We are working with the emergency services and six casualties are being assessed by the Welsh Ambulance Service.'

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