Monday, 6 August 2018

Supergirl movie in the making, being developed by Warner Bros and DC

Supergirl movie in the making, being developed by Warner Bros and DC

A new superhero movie based on Supergirl is reportedly in the works and is being developed by Warner Bros. and DC, the film’s script is being helmed by Oren Uziel, who previously wrote movies and TV shows like the Mortal Kombat: Legacy series and 2014’s 22 Jump Street.

As of yet, no director or producer has been attached to the script, though the movie studio is thought to be looking to hire a female director for the project.

According to DC’s lore, Supergirl’s actual name is Kara Zor-El. She’s a cousin of Superman who escaped the planet Krypton as a teenager with the infant Superman as they made their way to Earth.

Melissa Benoist plays Supergirl on the eponymous TV show, though she reportedly will not be playing the role for the silver screen adaption of the female superhero.

The role of the iconic Superman himself in the upcoming movie, played by Henry Cavill in the DC Extended Universe films, is also unknown. Whether the celebrated superhero will be making an appearance in the planned film has not been publicly announced.

The development of a Supergirl movie is thought to reflect a change of direction for DC Films, who hired veteran film executive and producer Walter Hamada in January 2018. Hamada previously worked at New Line Cinema since 2007, serving as executive producer on films like 2009’s Friday the 13th, 2014’s Annabelle and 2017’s It.

Though few details have been revealed about the project so far, the hiring of Uziel as screenwriter reflects another win for the up-and-coming Hollywood writer. Uziel broke out after writing the Mortal Kombat: Legacy series starting in 2013 before later writing 2014’s 22 Jump Street and 2018’s The Cloverfield Paradox.

His hiring likely means that Warner Bros. is planning a film with a broad demographic appeal that blends the traditional superhero genre with adventure and science fiction elements.

Supergirl was previously seen on the silver screen in the 1984 film named after the titular character. Starring Helen Slater, the film was panned by critics after its release and failed to recoup its budget at the box office. However, it’s since garnered a strong cult following in more recent years.

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