Thursday, 25 October 2018

Deflecting APC member claims he was deceived, defrauded by APC

Deflecting APC member claims he was deceived, defrauded by APC

The All Progressives Congress (APC) member in the House of Representatives, Musa Soba, who abandoned from the gathering on Wednesday, October 24, blamed the APC for beguiling and duping him.

Punch reports that the legislator speaking to Soba body electorate of Kaduna state is one of the more than 70 wronged APC administrators that challenged their loss of return ticket however lost at the interest board of the decision party.

Speaker Yakubu Dogara read Soba's renunciation letter to individuals on the floor in Abuja.

Part of the letter reads: “As you are aware, the APC is yet to recover from the self-inflicted injury occasioned by double standard, indiscipline and sheer impunity in the conduct of its affairs.

“It is regrettable that the APC, which has enjoyed a lot of goodwill after its formation which culminated in our electoral victory in 2015, is now in disarray due to a complex mixture of ineptitude and inability to understand the dynamics of power in a democratic system of government.

“Mr. Speaker, I have been personally short-changed by a system I so much trusted and believed in. I have also been serially deceived and defrauded by a political party I helped to nurture and sustain. However, it is the sharp division within the APC members and the mutual antagonism between the membership and the leadership of the APC more than any other factor that propelled me to take my exit.

“Accordingly, I wish to place it on record that from today 24th October 2018, I cease to be a member of the APC, having tendered my resignation letter to all the relevant party organs.

“Since the political horizon is wide enough to accommodate my ideology and aspirations, I shall announce the name of my new political party in the next few days.”

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