Sunday, 7 October 2018

I know rich men who give girls as much as $15k just for sex – IK Ogbonna

I know rich men who give girls as much as $15k just for sex – IK Ogbonna

In a recent interview with Vanguard, Nollywood performing artist, IK Ogbonna has uncovered that he is aware of exceptionally rich men who give young ladies 10 to 15 thousand dollars only for sex, however, wouldn't give out a penny to help a man in need. Read below...

'To all the millionaires and billionaires out there, let’s try and create millionaires. You don’t wait for the government to do that, that’s not their job; the government is supposed to try and make things easier for us to live'.

'there are so many rich men that give girls 10,000 dollars, 15,000 dollars every day after having sex with them. How about every month you bring out N10 million, look for someone that has initiative and a good business plan and invest in his life? You don’t need to dash him the money but let him pay you back in a year’s time'.

'If 100 billionaires can come out today and do this every month to make a millionaire, in that way you are creating labour and making jobs for people and making their lives easier. Let all those rich men out there feed into this little wisdom and try and work with it,” he said.

While addressing those who sell their body to get what they want, he said: “I feel it’s high time we tackled some certain things if we really love our people and want ourselves to grow. You must not sell your body to become someone in life; that way, you’re not fulfilled but when you become someone in life and then you look back and you can tell yourself that you did not sell your body to become who you are, you have this inner fulfillment in you that no one can give you.”

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