Sunday, 7 October 2018

Man strangled to death by his pet snake in Ghana (Photos/Video)

Man strangled to death by his pet snake in Ghana

A snake lover in Damongo in the Northern area of Ghana has been choked to death by his own pet python after it folded itself over him under odd conditions.

The man, distinguished to be Mr.Samed, met his less than ideal passing while on his way to a companion's child naming function bash.

The casualty who was a pillion rider on a cruiser had the benevolent snake curled around his neck.

Good fortune, be that as it may, evaded him when the python, by and large, depicted to be an inviting pet ended up untamed after a minor mischance.

The now chilly looked at python couldn't separate between its proprietor and spectators who attempted to save him as it wound up sore towards any individual who moves nearer to it.

Sources say Samed utilizes the snake as a wellspring of supernatural forces to engage cash for his customers, a training which is normal among a segment of the adolescent.

Video below...

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