Monday, 22 October 2018

Policeman, septuagenarian hacked to death by a mad man in Ondo state

Policeman, septuagenarian hacked to death by a mad man in Ondo state

The Ondo State Police Command have captured a presumed insane person, famously called At all by any stretch of the imagination, in Tekunle town, in the Ondo East Local Government Area of Ondo State, for killing a 75-year-old man distinguished as Olusegun Oyadele and a yet to be identified policeman, with a blade in the Ayeyemi zone of the state.

As per reports, the slow-witted man went out of control and was assaulting individuals voluntarily.

An individual from the network who talked with Punch said that the crazy person who was outstanding in the network, first assaulted the old man who was drying cocoa beans before his home, after which he slaughtered one of the policemen that came to capture him.

“We don’t know why the madman attacked and killed the old man. When the matter was reported at the police station, a team of policemen was sent to the area to arrest the lunatic. As the policemen arrived at the scene, the madman also attacked and killed one of them with his machete. He injured four other people before running into a bush. Each time the policemen wanted to arrest him, he disappeared and reappeared like it was a prank. He finally disappeared into the bush and escaped arrest,” the source said

Affirming the assault, the state police order's representative, Femi Joseph, said the insane person was in the end captured after a group of policemen, driven by the Commissioner of Police, Mr Gbenga Adeyanju, pursued him into the bramble on Sunday.

“We have arrested him. The CP led a team of policemen, some hunters and vigilance group members to arrest him in Tekunle village. He is in our custody.”

The PPRO expressed that the body of the expired had been kept in a funeral home, while examination had initiated.

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