Friday, 30 November 2018

We pluck out human eyeball and trade it for N250K – Man confesses

Shuaibu Ibrahim, a 35 years old man, has been arrested after being caught with a human eyeball which he sold for N250k according to him.

We pluck out human eyeball and trade it for N250K – Man confesses

Ibrahim, who is from safiu village in toto local government of Nasarawa State, was apprehended by the police in Niger State.

From reports, ibrahim was arrested yesterday. The police said that the eyeball was removed from a casualty of common conflict between the Igbira and Bassa individuals in Nasarawa State.

The suspect ibrahim, has been in the human part business for over five years until yesterday when he ran out of luck. He was said to have been given the part by an associate whose name is Ojo to sell in Niger State at the expense of N250,000.

Responding to the investigators, the suspect said he was acting as a middleman between Ojo and the buyers of the human parts, a business he has been into for up to five years.

He said;

“My duty is to deliver human parts given to me by Ojo to his clients across the northern states. 
We make quick money in this business but I cannot tell what the buyers are using it for. “A lot of people are interested in buying human parts. But honestly speaking, I don’t know what they use it for; my duty is to deliver as at when due to our clients and collect the money involved.” Asked whether the buyers use the human parts for ritual purposes, Ibrahim said “they must be using it for something; frankly speaking I don’t know. My duty was to carry out the order of my boss (Ojo) to his clients. “I don’t even ask clients what they are using the human eyeballs to do, but I guess it must be for something serious.”

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