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2019 Election: We need be reminded the things we already know.

2019 Election: We need be reminded the things we already know.

Not too long ago, I heard this, I think, coined adage: You need light to produce better light, and I began to relate this adage with matters we know. But first things first.

Let's start with this:

The elections are forthcoming, it's real close, and we are all about Buhari and Atiku. About who we want to win elections. About parties.

True, the choice of the presidency is an indicator to where the country's pendulum swings. But then, the cooperation of those under his government, even at the most minimal position is imperative to catalyze the growth of the country.

To think we know this, and solely throw accusations at the presidency is just plain dumb, honestly.

What's my point?

This: Everyone is so focused on Buhari and Atiku, keeping blind about our LGAs, forgetting that to have a better country, we must first start with our vicinity.

So here's the point about the better light:

Let's say you're in a dark unfamiliar room, looking to switch the changeover. You keep feeling the dark, feeling things, hoping to find the changeover switch which proves herculean. However, if you're with light no matter how dim–say a candlelight or torchlight–to guide you, you would be able to procure that better, brilliant light.

The afore example is equatable to the political seats of our country. We need elect that faint light in minor positions. We need better representatives in positions as local government chairman, councillors, Senate, up to governors. People who can notice the situation of the vicinity, especially in rural areas.

Come to think of it, the President isn't omnipresent, he can't be everywhere at once. He doesn't see everywhere, particularly rural areas. Now, that's why he has eyes all over in persons as governors, and the governors too have eyes in each parts of their respective states in chairmen and councillors. These people, the councillors, chairmen, are expected to act as watchmen, discovering loops and challenges in their designated areas. These minor elected men are to notice things, not the president. No. But the LGA heads.

How can we know all these and still seem naive. I don't understand. Don't these nepotists deserve their share of criticism? Let's be realistic, it's these ones that make it seem like the governors, president, don't allocate funds to areas in need of care.

I heard about how some money allocated to one of these local government for educational purpose was unaccounted for. It's bad. Real bad that these things happens. That's what happens when we vote parties, and not individuals with credentials.

Yes, the presidential seat might be out of our hands in terms of providing a suitable profile as a candidate, but the minor seats we can influence. How? By understanding that there are criterias to be considered for selecting candidates. The most important, to me, being the candidate's involvement in the area he wants to head. If you're not involved in community projects and development, you aren't fit to become a candidate. I mean, whatever will you offer? It's not a matter of academic feats, it is rather your care for the betterment of individuals even before your political campaign. You must have a record of affection towards the people.

It's further sad we vote men who do not reside within a vicinity into power. Now tell me, how do you expect them to be functional? When their families aren't affected by the challenges the residents of the designated areas face each day. When their kids do not get stuck in heavy traffic as the people of the area.

So what's the point? That everyone is about Buhari and Atiku, and we can't talk about those in our local government. What's worse, the majority of Local Government residents don't know who their Chairman is. Have never seen him. They don't know if he stays within their vicinity.

Look, we need a fresh start. We need to set a foundation to build better vicinities, that would spur growth and productivity in the country. We need start from the grassroots, voting should start from the grassroot. We need people who idealistic individuals who can take not just notice faults, but can also put structures in place. Structures to shapen and bring an area to fulfillment. People who can create jobs in our locality.

I'll let you in on something. It doesn't matter who ascends power come February the 15th, the status quo of our vicinity, LGA, might just be the same or deteriorate if the wrong persons keep power.

Vote wisely.

Authors: Isaac Godspower (Gee-Bounty)
                  Jeremih Chika

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