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6 Way To Spot A Man With A Toxic Personality

Toxic men. They’re everywhere. And you always want to make sure that you keep yourself protected from them. You never want to subject yourself to the dangers and the treacheries of these toxic men.

6 Way To Spot A Man With A Toxic Personality

A lot of women can have their lives destroyed as a result of allowing these toxic men in their lives. When you fall in love with someone, you are always going to want to open your heart up to this person. However, you still have to be careful with who you open your heart up to. If you let the wrong person in, you risk getting broken.

1. He doesn’t really have his life together.

Be very wary of guys who don’t seem to have their lives together. He is a guy who might not have any real plans with his life. He doesn’t have any real structure or direction. He isn’t really the kind of guy who you would be able to rely on.

2. He copies a lot of your passions and interests.

He wants you to trust him. And the best way to get you to do so would be to feign interest in all of the things that you happen to be interested in. It’s like it’s false advertising.

3. He compliments you a lot without even knowing you.

This is a blatant sign that he’s just trying to flatter you for the sake of getting you to weaken your defenses. He doesn’t really know you too well and yet he compliments you already.

4. He likes to spend all of his time with you.

Initially, you might think that it’s sweet for him to want to spend most of his time with you. But the problem with that is that it actually shows that he’s got nothing else going on with his life. It’s a sign that he might become totally dependent on you for companionship and stimulation.

5. He doesn’t show any consistency.

He doesn’t really give you any consistency in his efforts to get to know you better. It’s as if he’s totally interested with you one day and then he’s nowhere to be found on the next.

6. He talks about himself a lot without really revealing anything.

On one level, he is going to seem really conceited and self-obsessed whenever he talks to you. But he’s also going to be talking a lot about himself without really revealing anything of substance. He isn’t really going to want to give you a good sense of who he is.

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