I Enjoy being Beaten by my Husband - Wife Reveals

In what could be described as a bizarre case, a wife has opened up on how she enjoys it when her husband beats her.

In a story shared popular relationship page, BOM, on Instagram the woman narrated that she enjoys seeing her husband angry.

I enjoy been beaten by my Husband - Wife Reveals

Read her story below

“Some of you might think I am mental, but I am very normal. Bom I love my husband beating me, I enjoy seeing him angry. Don’t call me crazy it is just my person

He use to beat the living day light out of me and sometimes I bleed but I still survive it . We have lived like that for 2 years and he has killed 3 of my unborn kids out of that but I don’t mind, God will give us more . But now he has repented and found Christ according to him and he has become too calm. He does not shout or raise his hand on me again and the marriage is now full.

So I met this tanker driver that use to beat me and give me money, I love the guy so much because he is too strong . Bom I am pregnant and I don’t know if I should keep it because my husband has not touched me since he found Jesus.”