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All Nigerian artistes have small d*ck – South African Model, Abby ( Video )

Abby Zeus popular South African model, has called out Nigerian music artists, stating that they all have small dicks.

South African Model, Abby-olowublog

Abby Zeus took to her social media page to share a video where she claimed Nigerian music artistes bragging about the size of their d*cks are liars because they all have small size.

She captioned the video;

Shout out to you @Beevlingz you just messed up an entire Nigerian music artist’s reputation with your small dick 🍆🚫🚫 I am so embarrassed right now….Giving you a chance after all that talk, “I am going to shift your womb” Yuck! 😒

She called out all Nigerian artistes but specifically mentioned Bee Vlingz claiming his private part was the size of her nose.

All these Nigerian artistes need to check themselves ok…. All these talks about i’m going to shift your womb, I’ve got a big d*ck blah blah..  That Bee vlingz guy’s d*ck is the size of my nose.
She was shifted, it was moved, with small d*ck like that, you can’t have all the talk bruh

See Video;

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