'I can't breathe most of the time': Ben Goldsmith reveals

Financier Ben Goldsmith has paid tribute to his 'academically sound' daughter who painfully died in a quad bike crash accident that happened on the family farm earlier this week. He released also never before seen pictures of the 15-year-old.

'I can't breathe most of the time': Ben Goldsmith reveals

Ambulance crews were called to the Goldsmiths' home in the Somerset village of North Brewham on Monday afternoon after the millionaire financier's eldest daughter Iris Annabel, 15, was involved in a collision.

At the time of the accident, Iris was with a friend who immediately raised the alarm after her vehicle - an all-terrain buggy with roll-cage - overturned. But despite the desperate attempts of paramedics at the scene, she could not be saved.

Mr Goldsmith, 38, and his former wife Kate Rothschild, 37, have been left 'devastated' by the death of their 'beautiful, brilliant little girl'. He has now revealed that Iris had wanted to be a 'barrister' when she grew up and had been an 'academic superstar'.

'I can't breathe most of the time': Ben Goldsmith reveals

He told the Daily Mail: 'I just can’t get my head round the enormity of what’s happened — it’s just so unfair. I’m feeling desperate, like I can’t breathe most of the time.’

He continue: ‘She was only 15. I just want my beautiful, brilliant little girl back so much. ‘She was a real star in the making and I am so proud of her. She was an academic superstar and was going to be a huge success. She wanted to be a barrister. No child has ever worked harder.’

RIP TO HER!!!!!!!!!